Safety is our foundation.


Tripp Waynick, President of Universal Blastco, encourages employees to call him directly if they feel they are being put in an unsafe situation.

Our recent effort of working over 700,000 hours without a reportable incident was a milestone we are proud of. But our commitment to safety never ends. We are driving to exceed even the highest standards and are fully recommitting to a process of continuous improvement with our safety efforts.

We’ve expanded our job site safety requirements which includes detailed analyses of each component of the safety system.

  • To support project leadership, we’ve developed new written procedures for superintendents and project managers, and are providing even more training.
  • We’ve worked to digitize our safety forms to provide greater clarity and real-time updates from a tablet at each jobsite.
  • Our Safety Department has become even more visible and has implemented a robust audit process that will allow us to better monitor job site safety practices.
  • To empower employees, we’ve created employee-led Safety Committees to give employees direct ability to voice concerns and suggestions to management.
  • We have reaffirmed our existing policy that every single employee has STOP WORK authority when they observe an unsafe condition or have questions about the work plan.




Employee shares safety story

A Universal Blastco employee shares their personal story about a work-related injury at a past company he worked for.

Safety is the most important part of every single employee’s job.

Our employees are asked to declare that safety is a value in their life, and is part of everything they do. Not just on the job, but at home, on the road, and in their neighborhood. An employee cannot truly be safe if they are only safe at work. And while employees have always been required to be in compliance with the letter of the laws and regulations governing our work activities, in the Commitment to Safety, employees commit to also complying with the spirit of those laws and regulations.

Our Commitment to Safety:

I pledge that every day, in everything I do, I will be safe. This is my pledge. My commitment. My way of life.

Safety training on bucket lift

Annual safety trainings allow employees to refocus on essential safety practices. Here, employees receive safety training from United Rentals.

Pure Safety Group hosts safety training

Industry safety experts, Pure Safety Group, train Universal Blastco employees on fall protection.